Welcome to changsen.io

changsen.io is a personal website, mainly about linux and kubernetes technical information, including but not limited to github and other open source projects, to share with everyone!


I usually like to explore some fresh open source projects on github. There are a variety of programming languages, whether it is as small as tgs to gif, or as large as kubernetes, etc., I like it, including the theme of the Hugo used by the website itself, more detailed Please refer to the content!


Of course, the content of the website is not all related to technology, but also art. Speaking of it back to the third grade of college, in order to find an animation related job, I self-taught a series of 3D software such as maya, zbrush, arnold, etc. But in the end it was a bit regretful for professional reasons. I didn't get into this industry. I look forward to one day in the future!